Carpenter Not Involved In “Big Trouble” Remake

Various filmmakers have done remakes of John Carpenter classics over the years without any success. The new takes on “Halloween,” “The Fog,” and “The Thing” all fizzled, arguably the best was “Assault on Precinct 13” and even that had some big issues.

Attempts have been made to remake “Escape from New York” without much success, and now remakes of both “Starman” and “Big Trouble in Little China” are in the works. In regard to the latter, the world’s biggest actor of the moment Dwayne Johnson is spearheading the effort and has praised Carpenter in the past and previously stated back in June that he wants Carpenter very much on board.

Carpenter himself has now clarified his involvement with the remake, telling Screen Rant that despite The Rock’s wishes he’s not involved at this point as no-one has been in contact. Here’s the key interview excerpt:

QUESTION: We’re hearing about a remake of “Big Trouble in Little China” with The Rock…

CARPENTER: [laughs] I know! It might be crazy… it might be great! I don’t know. Nobody’s told me anything. No one tells me anything [laughs]

QUESTION: That’s unfortunate to hear. The Rock had said, supposedly, that he was interested in having you involved in some way – but there’s been no outreach so far?

CARPENTER: No. No one’s talked to me about it. Haven’t heard a thing!

QUESTION: That’s very interesting.

CARPENTER: Yeah – isn’t it great?

Carpenter has been listed as an executive producer on previous remakes of his films but has been quite open about them being just titles only with no involvement in the films themselves. He’s also been famously critical of the resulting films.