Carnahan Rewrites “World War Z” Script

Matthew Michael Carnahan (“State of Play,” “Lions for Lambs,” “The Kingdom”) has been set to rewrite “World War Z” for reports Fangoria.

Max Brooks, the author of the book on which the property is based, says “He’s one of Hollywood’s hot A-list writers, so if they went after him and paid him a mountain of gold, it definitely shows their confidence in this project.”

“Babylon 5” creator and “Changeling” scribe J. Michael Straczynski was previously attached to write the film and submitted a draft which scored very good online reviews.

Set a decade after a virus turned much of the planet’s population into zombies, the story follows a journalist interviewing subjects from around the world about their experiences during the ‘zombie war’. The book fuses elements of political satire, war and survival horror as it explores how various nations, governments and individuals respond to the crisis.