Carnahan Gets Mad Over “Death Wish” Remake

Earlier this year came word that “The Grey” and “Narc” filmmaker Joe Carnahan had dropped out of the upcoming “Death Wish” remake at MGM due to a dispute over casting.

Specifically the studio wanted Bruce Willis in the movie, Carnahan didn’t. Once he was out, “Miss Bala” director Gerardo Naranjo was brought in to helm the project which Willis is still being sought to star in.

Now, an e-mail that Carnahan sent to MGM CEO Jonathan Glickman at the time has been mailed around and THR has posted it online for all to see. The mail goes as follows:

You had a potential Oscar-winning film with maybe the best script in Hollywood but because you’re a coward and a dumb c— you now have an untested, second-time director and an arrogant, lazy, aging action star that will run that poor kid into the ground.

Good luck, asshole. You’re a spineless, gutless turd who doesn’t belong in the business. Enjoy your run as a ‘studio head,’ Glickman. It’s going to be a short one. F— you, Joe Carnahan.

Representatives for the director have already come forward and claimed that the email was a joke between old friends Carnhan and Glickman, in fact the letter is said to be framed in his office.