Carey Mulligan Up For “Who” Return

Rising actress Carey Mulligan (“An Education,” “Wall Street 2”) tells FlickPhilosopher that if new “Doctor Who” showrunner Stephen Moffat asked her back, she’d be up for playing the character of Sally Sparrow a second time.

“I loved doing it. It was about two weeks of just running around screaming at things. Yeah, if he asked me back, I’d go back… I’d have to change my hair” said Mulligan during press for “An Education”.

Mulligan played the character who appeared only once as the lead character in a stand-alone, Moffat-penned 2007 episode ‘Blink’. Mulligan’s performance is one of the reasons the episode is considered one of the best the long-running family-oriented sci-fi series has produced. The whole episode is available online.