Carell, Kaufman Team On “IQ 83”

Charlie Kaufman has signed to do a page one rewrite of the film adaptation of Arthur Herzog’s classic 1978 science fiction novel “I.Q. 83” at Paramount Pictures.

The project is being developed as a star vehicle for Steve Carell who would play Dr. James Healey, the leader of a group of scientists that conducted DNA experiments that unleashed an airborne virus that ravages the populous.

The affliction progressively lowers the IQ of the afflicted, and a race against time begins as scientists struggle for a cure, even as they rapidly grow dumber.

Though written as serious science fiction, the film adaptation plans a “Doctor Strangelove”-style scathing satire. Andrew Lazar and Walter Parkes are producing the project which won’t set a director until Kaufman’s done the script.

Kaufman is just the latest to attempt the script, the project has been in development for almost two decades with several scribes having a go and being unable to crack the story.

Source: Deadline