Card Talks Ender’s Film Progress

IGN Movies talked with author Orson Scott Card yesterday and he confirmed that the big-screen version of his novel Ender’s Game has been put into turnaround at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Card calls the move “a good thing” as it opens up the project to be shopped to other studios. Card is now the sole screenwriter on the project and claims to “never personally read the other scripts” that were done by numerous scribes including David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

Producers are said to be “very happy” with the current draft which incorporates elements from both Ender’s Game and Card’s subsequent book, Ender’s Shadow.

There’s talk that producers Chartoff Productions and Fresco Pictures may try to raise funding independently and says that until financing is secured, a director cannot be hired. Thus talk of Wolfgang Petersen or Ridley Scott directing is just talk at the moment.