“Captain Marvel” Won’t Have A Familiar Origin

Next year’s “Captain Marvel” film on the surface would appear to be a classic origin film, but producer Nate Moore says the Brie Larson-led cosmic Marvel Studios entry will not be following the classic formula.

Indeed some of the more recent MCU origin films like “Doctor Strange” and “Ant-Man” scored criticism for their overfamiliarity, which is why Moore tells Cinema Blend that they have every intention to avoid the issue:

“I think there is a structure to origin films that audiences sometimes can get ahead of very quickly. So, if we do origin films, internally, we talk about how we can subvert that structure. For instance, Captain Marvel is an origin movie in that you haven’t seen her before, but we think we’ve stumbled upon a structure there that isn’t the traditional structure of what origin movies typically are, which is you meet the character, they have a problem, they get powers at the end of the first act, and the end of the second act they learn about the powers, the third act they probably fight a villain who has a function of the same powers.”

Moore would not reveal any details on just how the film plans to subvert those classic tropes. The comments come as “Chuck” scene-stealer Vik Sahay and “The Big Wedding” actress Ana Ayora have joined the cast, while co-star Clark Gregg has sung nothing but praise for Larson’s work on the film in a recent interview with People.

“Captain Marvel” opens in cinemas March 8th next year.