Captain America Story Spoilers

“Captain America: The First Avenger” production designer Rick Heinrichs has given an in-depth interview for the next issue of French mag L’Ecran Fantastique (via The Daily Blam) and in the process has revealed several story SPOILERS from the anticipated Marvel Studios flick.

As previously reported, most of the action will be set during the Second World War, but parts of it will take place in the modern day. Now it has been revealed that about 10% of the film will be set in the present day, specifically the beginning and the end.

The film’s introduction involves a present day “exploration team discovering the remains of a giant bomber under the snows of the Arctic”. The action then flashes back to an attack on a village in Norway by the Hydra organisation.

Chris Evans will be digitally altered for the pre-Captain transformation scenes to resemble “a young man [who is a] puny victim of mockery by thugs in Brooklyn”. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) will already be his friend pre-transformation.

The Captain’s first mission involves him freeing a group that will become the Invaders. There’ll be a montage of other missions as well along the way, while the finale involves a battle between Red Skull and Captain America in the plane which eventually crashes in the Arctic.

If they do proceed with sequels, they will likely blend past and present elements throughout.

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