Captain America Shoots As “Avengers” Begins

“Captain America: The First Avenger” did some quick shooting of what’s suggested as being its post-credits “The Avengers” tie-in sequence in New York City’s Time Square this past Saturday.

Considering this was being shot at one of the busiest public places in the U.S. on a minor holiday weekend and without any real secrecy trying to protect what was being shot, there are countless photos and videos going around showing what was done.

Mostly on display was Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) talking to the buffed up Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in what looks like the white t-shirt and tan slacks he dons for a good portion of the film. Other photos show him running and ducking traffic.

Shooting on “Captain America” wrapped months ago, while director Joss Whedon confirming via his blog that shooting on “The Avengers” is set to kick off today.

This means an ‘Avengers’ script is now locked and so this ‘Captain’ scene is likely either a quick reshoot or an additional scene being added to tie together the two films in a more cohesive way.

More photos can be found here.