Captain America: Civil War Divide Explained

As fans know, the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” is making one key change from the ‘Civil War’ storyline of the comic books – the so-called ‘Superhero Registration Act’ will be retitled the ‘Sokovia Accords’ in the film.


What some might not know though is that the comic’s subplot about exposing superhero secret identities, something which sees several key characters going unmasked, will essentially be ditched by the film as almost all the Avengers’ identities are already known by the public at large.

BMD says that “Captain America: Civil War” will retain the divided team aspect of the comic book story, but the division will be over the Sokovia Accords which are put into place after the damage caused to both South Africa and Sokovia in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and rumored to be further cemented by the scene with Crossbones at the star of ‘Civil War’.

With a super-powered task force running wild and no S.H.I.E.L.D. to keep them in line, this initiative is pushed through and the division is over the issue of responsibility and being held for one’s own actions, especially when a battle results in human casualties. Who has oversight over these people to hold them accountable for their actions?

“Captain America: Civil War” opens in cinemas next May.