Capcom Plans “Monster Hunter” Animated Special

Capcom Plans Monster Hunter Animated Special

Capcom and Pure Imagination Studios are teaming up to create “Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild,” an animated special spinning off from the acclaimed “Monster Hunter” video game franchise.

The story will follow a fearless young man dedicated to gaining recognition as a monster hunter, but in his path awaits an Elder Dragon who has its sights set on his village. Production will wrap around year’s end ahead of a 2019 release.

The special follows on from the release six months ago of “Monster Hunter: World”, Capcom’s fastest selling title in its history and one of the most acclaimed games of 2018. The title is coming to PC via Steam on August 9th, but the company’s stock plunged 12% this week as analysts indicate the game’s popularity has begun to wane.

Source: Variety