Capaldi Set, Coleman Uncertain For “Who”

Appearing at the launch of the eighth season of “Doctor Who” on DVD, showrunner Steven Moffat revealed that at least one of the two major cast members is locked in to return next year.

“Yes he’s confirmed” Moffat said regarding Peter Capaldi reprising his role as the twelfth incarnation (not counting John Hurt) of the Time Lord. He did, however, indicate that actress Jenna Coleman has not yet been confirmed for another season. Planning for the ninth series began shortly after the eighth wrapped production in August.

The eighth series ended with both The Doctor and Coleman’s Clara Oswald seemingly going their separate ways, albeit both lying to each other in the process. Clara appears in the upcoming Christmas special, but the nature of her character’s appearance in it is unknown.

The BBC has also issued ratings figures for Capaldi’s first season in the role with the show averaging a consolidated audience of 7.4m viewers every week in the United Kingdom. That’s right on par with all three of Matt Smith’s series which averaged between 7.3m-7.5m each.

In the United States, the series has had a boost in viewership with the first ten episodes of the eighth series seeing a 23% jump in total audience in Live+7 over the previous season.

Finally, Capaldi himself has indicated he hopes to get a redesigned TARDIS, with something more akin to a blend of the classic 1960s retro look with all the roundels, and the Jules Verne-esque Victorian design of Paul McGann’s machine. He tells DoctorWhoTV:

“I have to say, the BBC are very responsible with license payer’s money. So they feel if they’ve spent a certain amount of money on a certain amount of props, then they won’t get rid of those props until they’ve been used. This applies equally to the TARDIS. It’s essentially Matt’s.

Roundels. I like the old Sixties roundels. That was the coolest look and I think it’s also appropriate for the way this Doctor dresses. It’s got a sort of Edwardian look about it – not the actual console – it’s the bits and pieces lying around. Cricket bats, maps and odds and ends and things. There’s a Jules Verne quality to it – I would like to make it more Bauhaus.”

Source: THR