Capaldi Gives A Lengthy “Doctor Who” Interview

The new Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, has engaged in a lengthy interview with UK newspaper The Sunday Times ahead of the new season premiere of “Doctor Who” on August 23rd. It’s a fairly extensive piece, covering the darker nature of the character that he intends to bring to the role and how it affects the episodes themselves.

For one thing, forget the companion romance: “There’ll be no flirting, that’s for sure. It’s not what this Doctor is concerned with. It’s quite a fun relationship but I did call and say, ‘I want no Papa-Nicole moments.’ There was a bit of tension with that at first, but I was absolutely adamant.”

His involvement also means a different style to show such as less frantic editing, and action having more dramatic and emotional impact: “We still blow a lot of shit up. That’s very important, but it’s going to be a bit different from what we’ve seen over recent years. A bit more gravity. Some situations are a bit more sombre and I think there are more rooted dramatic scenes…. we have another level of drama, another tone. And the scenes are longer.”

In regards to his costume, he says: “I think it’s quite a hard look. I always wanted him to be in black – I always just saw The Doctor in dark colours. Not tweed. Matt’s a really young cool guy – he can wear anything, but I wanted to strip it back and be very stark.” It’s also been revealed that The Doctor will don a special signet ring which has been constructed to hide Peter’s own wedding ring.

He won’t all be doom and fierceness though: “One thing the show does well is balance the epic and the domestic. You can go from the edge of the universe to a pedestrian precinct. This Doctor loves watching stars being born in Andromeda; he’s also thrilled to see litter blowing across the supermarket car park at dawn.”

He even said one thing about the Cybermen that will excite old school Who fans: “There is a conflict among fans, but I’m trying to get the Mondasians back.”

Source: Blogtor Who