Cannes To Offer A Proposal To Netflix?

Cannes To Offer A Proposal To Netflix

Headlines out of last year’s Cannes Film Festival were dominated by the feud between streaming giant Netflix arguing for the future, and the famed French cinema confab which is hampered by draconian French cinematic exhibition laws.

As a result of the feud, Netflix pulled four films from the fest with one being “Roma” which has since gone on to major critical success and is a serious candidate for Best Picture at the upcoming Oscars. Cannes stuck to its guns, but the Fall film fests like Venice and Toronto were happy to welcome Netflix product and have more firmly cemented their position as the place to be to see award winners.

Cannes is now reportedly ready to come to an agreement – but demands one concession. French journalist Stephane Boudsocq tweeted (via The Playlist) that the deal being proposed would allow the streaming service to enter its films in competition.

The catch? If a Netflix film were to win an award at Cannes, then the streaming service would have to release that film in French cinemas. Therein lies the problem in that by French law, any film that screens in French cinemas must not hit a streaming service until a full THREE YEARS after its theatrical run.

Netflix isn’t likely going to wait to show a film for three years just to win an award in Cannes, not after “Roma” proved they can achieve far more success and awards glory elsewhere. Netflix could bypass the law and show its films outside of competition, an option that was offered and rejected last year.