Cannes Fest Director Throws Some Shade

Don’t forget to use your nails boys.

In terms of PR this year, there’s no question the prestigious Cannes Film Festival was knocked down a good several notches due to their squabble with Netflix and a continued shutting out of American films in general.

As a result, many of the titles they shunned ended up at Venice in particular along with Toronto and have since gone on to become serious awards contenders – raising the profile of those Fall festivals as the place to see the best films of the year more than Cannes’ increasingly myopic line-up.

Now, Cannes director Thierry Fremaux has spoken with Screen Daily about the change of the film world’s focus and says he doesn’t understand why it’s happening – and takes a little dig at Venice for picking up Cannes’ scraps:

“I don’t understand this obsession with American movies. My friend [Venice director Alberto] Barbera didn’t have Kore-Eda’s film, nor Korean, Egyptian or Lebanese movies in competition. I think a festival must show the cinema of the whole world.

Still we had Spike Lee and John Cameron Mitchell’s film. Venice plays its game and they’re right to screen Netflix movies if Cannes doesn’t take them, they’re also right to play the Oscar card because the press is more obsessed with one night in March than with the six months from July to October.”

Recently came a report that Netflix had closed-door meetings with Fremaux about their future at the Cannes Film Festival, but Fremaux says as of now nothing’s changed:

“I am neither pro or against Netflix. My job is to show the state of cinema in a time in which Martin Scorsese is about to release a movie produced by Netflix. In 2017 the board of the festival asked me not to accept any more movies that won’t screen in theatres. This isn’t strange if you think that exhibitors are in that board. And they are right to be preoccupied by this trend. I would like to screen every movie I like. I couldn’t invite some of these in 2018 [because of the Netflix ban], we’ll see about 2019. You need to wait for the next episode.”

The 2019 Cannes Film Festival, whether it has Netflix films or now, is set to begin May 14th 2019.