Canadian Schools Ban “13 Reasons Why” Talk

Netflix’s recently launched teen suicide-themed original series “13 Reasons Why” is causing controversy in Canada.

Despite the show’s messages regarding bullying and suicide prevention, schools have started warning parents about the graphic nature of the young adult adaptation.

In fact the CBC (via Variety) reports that the show has become the subject of dispute at multiple Canadian school systems in less than a month.

One school, in Edmonton, reportedly sent an email to the parents of sixth graders letting them know their students were prohibited from even mentioning the show on school grounds.

The Hamilton Wentworth District School Board went further, saying the show offered “glamorization of suicidal behaviour and [depicting] negative portrayals of helping professionals.”

School Mental Health Assist, which aids school boards in Ontario, sent a memo urging teachers not to broadcast the drama as educational material.

“13 Reasons Why” are to date the most popular series of the year on Twitter, with a potential second season already being discussed (but not officially announced yet).