Campire Plans Zodiac Killer’s Possible Son Doco

Producer Ross Dinerstein and Campfire Entertainment have picked up the screen rights to Gary L. Stewart’s novel “The Most Dangerous Animal of All”.

Stewart famously claims his father, Earl Van Best. Jr., was the Zodiac Killer – the serial killer who stalked San Francisco in the 1970s and was famously never identified or caught.

Zodiac claimed to have killed 37 people with only one of the victims of the seven murders confirmed directly to the Zodiac killer surviving his attacks.

Stewart was abandoned in a Baton Rouge stairwell as an infant and four decades later in 2001 began a search for his biological parents. He found his mother in 2013, while the search for his father led to the drawing of the face of the notorious Zodiac killer as drawn by the sole survivor.

First up are plans for a documentary with an eventual feature on the way. Keif Davidson will helm the doco.

Source: Deadline