Campbell Denies “Army of Darkness 2” Talk

There’s been quotes from various conventions over the year, with the likes of producer Rob Tapert, remake helmer Fede Alvarez, and star Bruce Campbell all directly hinting that an “Army of Darkness 2” is in the works.

Today, all that talk has been emphatically dismissed by Campbell who tells Erin Darling:

“It’s all Internet B.S. – there’s no reality whatsoever. These random comments slip out of either my mouth or Sam Raimi’s mouth, next thing you know, we’re making a sequel.

So, unless you have an announcement from Renaisssance Pictures – it’s not real. Or unless you have a start date, or a release date.

We do appreciate people’s enthusiasm for another ‘Army of Darkness,’ but they should just wait until it’s real.”

Darling also asked about the Fede Alvarez is he in or out of the reboot’s sequel “Evil Dead 2”, and Campbell says Alvarez has moved on to another film. Alvarez himself last week tweeted that he was still attached to ED2 whenever it happens.