Cameron’s Dive Also In 3D

Once he wraps up work on his epic 3D visual effects action project “Avatar”, film director James Cameron plans to go back to something smaller – but may bring the tech with him.

Cameron tells The Hollywood Reporter that Cmeron plans to continue his stereoscopic 3D shooting to “The Dive,” a true story about the romance between controversial Cuban free diver Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras and Frenchwoman Audrey Mestre who went on to become a multiple free diving world record holder under his guidance.

“It’s a drama, a love story. This will require underwater photography, which will look gorgeous in 3-D” says Cameron.

Cameron adds that while action and computer animation will likely drive the 3-D market for a while, with the infrastructure gains on the way he expects that will change – “The visual aesthetic of doing dramatic stuff in 3-D is very simple. Just don’t remind people that they are watching a 3-D movie. That will take them out of the experience.”