Cameron Teases “Aliens 3D,” “Abyss” Blu-ray

Participating in a live Facebook chat for the upcoming 3D re-release of “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” filmmaker James Cameron has offered brief updates on a few things.

First up, the return of T2 in 3D is being used as a sort of test case and should it bode well, he says he’d want to give “Aliens” a 3D re-release next:

“We haven’t proven the business case yet so ask me again in a couple of weeks if T2 Judgement Day in 3D does well. I think the next title on my list, in terms of fan enthusiasm, would probably have to be Aliens… Aliens seems to really hold up in people’s minds and that would probably be my next one. But we’ve got to prove the business case here so people have to show up. So show up.”

He offered a critique of the recent “Alien Covenant,” calling it a “great ride” but NOT a film he would have made. He also touched upon the upcoming “Terminator” film he’s involved with, reiterating an earlier point that he wants to explore the origins of the T-800. He then added that they’re also “talking pretty seriously” about it being the first of a new trilogy.

Finally, he also spoke about the long in the works “The Abyss” and “True Lies” Blu-rays. Both films only exist as poor-quality DVDs and so-so quality broadcasts. Both have recently been remastered (Abyss for 4K apparently) and many have been keen to know when we’ll finally see them. Cameron says:

“Working on that. The True Lies Blu-ray and The Abyss Blu-ray have sort of fallen off my ‘to do’ list getting the not one, not two but four “Avatar” sequels stood up and going. But now that that’s happened, I can actually take care of business. So that’s coming, absolutely.”

“T2 in 3D” is coming to theaters worldwide starting August 25th.

Source: Facebook (via AVP Galaxy)