Cameron Talks Two “Avatar” Sequels

Speaking at a press conference in London, James Cameron confirms that should “Avatar” do well that two potential sequels could be in the works reports Variety.

How is that possible considering the cost? Unlike a lot of other franchises, many of the assets (namely CG backgrounds and elements) and technology is already in place which should make further films cheaper to produce.

Cameron says “in terms of the pitch it was: OK, you’ve spent a lot of money on the first one; on the second one we’ll be able to amortize it [the CG assets] and focus on the story and all that … and they bought that.”

Cameron adds that he has worked out the story for a second and third film. Fox however says while the property clearly has sequel potential, the studio would not confirm any plans for further installments.

The film has screened for media in the US, UK, Canada and Australia over the past 12-24 hours, expect my review up either later today or Saturday.