Cameron Talks “Avatar” Novel, Sequels

In a lengthy interview with MTV News, filmmaker James Cameron says he’s working on the “Avatar” sequel, though something else in that universe is currently drawing most of his attention.

“‘Avatar 2’… we’re still working on deals. We don’t start the movie until we get the deals worked out. I’m making notes. I’m not sitting idle… But really, what I’m working on primarily is the novel.”

Cameron’s held back on releasing an “Avatar” novel tie-in as “I didn’t want to do a cheesy novelization, where some hack comes in and kind of makes s–t up. I wanted to do something that was a legitimate novel that was inside the characters’ heads and didn’t have the wrong culture stuff, the wrong language stuff, all that.”

There’s also talk of doing the next two “Avatar” films back-to-back, something that’s not as strenuous as it sounds due to the style of the production – “We’re actually talking about that. That’s not a decision yet. That is something that makes a lot of sense, given the nature of these productions, because we can bank all the [motion] capture and then go back and do cameras over a period of time.”