Cameron Says Cruise Keen On “Madness”

During promotion for “Sanctum”, James Cameron was asked whether Tom Cruise has signed onto Guillermo del Toro’s big screen adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” which Cameron is producing.

Cruise and James McAvoy have been rumored for the lead role in the film in the past month, a claim McAvoy recently denied when he was asked about the project.

As for Cruise? Cameron tells MTV News “Tom does want to do the picture. I don’t think we have a deal with him yet, but we’re hoping to get that closed soon. Guillermo is madly working on a new draft of the script. Hopefully we’ll be shooting by June or July.”

del Toro and his writing partner Matthew Robbins penned the screenplay back in the very late 90’s and the pair have been tweaking every now and then ever since.