“Cameraperson” Helmer Plans An Ambitious Next

Opening to great acclaim last year, Kirsten Johnson’s documentary “Cameraperson” combined outtakes from various projects she’s worked on to come up with a deep rumination on what her job is.

Today, in a new interview with Variety, Johnson shared details about what she was working on next – a project she describes as a personal story but one with comedic elements and a very ambitious scope:

“I’m working with [‘Transparent’ creator] Jill Soloway and her sister on the pilot of a hybrid project. And aside from that I’m beginning to work with my father on another hybrid project, an observational documentary which I hope will be a hilarious heartbreaker. You know ‘Groundhog Day,’ Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati and ‘Jackass’? That will be the spirit of it. Before I lose my dad, I want to keep him for the future. You can’t keep people from dying but you can keep them alive through films.”

“Cameraperson” meanwhile is taking a leap very few films take – its first home video release will be under the prestigious Criterion label on February 7th.