Camelot Creators Sail For “Vikings”

“The Tudors” creator Michael Hirst and his “Camelot” co-creator Morgan O’Sullivan are teaming with MGM for the 10-episode big budget drama series “Vikings” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story will revolve around the famed Scandinavian warriors who ruled the North Seas from the late-8th to the mid-11th century. The story specifically centers on Ragnar Lodbrok, a commander who briefly ruled Denmark and Sweden and had affairs with both shieldmaidens and a queen.

Hirst is working on a bible for the series and is expected to write most or all episodes, Hirst famously penned every single episode of “The Tudors”.

The Irish-Canadian co-production, using a mold akin to “The Tudors” and “Camelot”, will be the studio’s first original TV programming since it emerged from bankruptcy last year.