Callies Returns To Prison Break

Seems that head in a box was a fake as E! Online reports that Sarah Wayne Callies will be back as Dr. Sara Tancredi for the fourth season of “Prison Break”.

The actress bowed out of participating in the third season of the hit show due to a pending pregnancy amongst other issues. The character did appear in the third season, but only from the back and in a photograph (which was taken at a wardrobe testing session). She was quickly, and apparently, killed off with Lincoln being posted her head in a box.

This season jumps a forward in time a little. Flashbacks in the first few episodes will reveal how characters get to where they are in the present. Executive producer Matt Olmstead says “There will be a bit of a mystery period where we cover what happened. It becomes about Michael trying to figure out what happened to her. It’s his attempt to reclaim her, and her trying to figure out what happened and dealing with it.”

Expect the role to be interesting as well – “It’s not just you pick her back up, and she’s there as the loyal girlfriend and “Michael, go do your thing, and I’ll be waiting for you when I get back… what we have in mind is something she can definitely sink her teeth into creatively” says Olmstead.