Cage & Travolta To Re-Team Twice

Fourteen years since “Face/Off”, stars Nicolas Cage and John Travolta look to be reuniting on two indie thrillers reports Vulture.

The first is the Evan Dougherty-scripted “Shrapnel” about a former Bosnian soldier who seeks vengeance against the American who badly wounded him. He sets up a plan in which he disguises a deadly war game as a friendly backwoods hunting trip.

“Die Hard” director John McTiernan was attached to the project late last year but had to bail due to his legal issues. Shooting is now aiming to begin in June.

The other film would be “Sea Trial” from “City Island” writer-director Raymond De Felitta. Based on Frank De Felitta’s novel, the story follows a young couple on a romantic cruise which turns into hell while the middle-aged couple on board aren’t who they seem to be.

Chuck Roven will produce and financing is currently being sought for that project.