Cage Still Intends To “Trespass”

Despite seemingly dropping out of the project late last week, Nicolas Cage is once again involved in Millennium Films’ $35 million kidnap thriller “Trespass” reports Deadline.

The story follows a married couple taken hostage by a group of thieves. Nicolas Cage was originally slated to play the husband opposite Nicole Kidman as the wife.

Then he changed roles to play the head kidnapper a few weeks ago, and that was followed by last week’s abrupt departure from the project just two weeks out from shooting.

Now the site reports the actor has returned not just to the project, but the husband role in which he was originally cast. Shooting has been pushed back two weeks and will now kick off August 30th in Louisiana.

The reasons for the exit and the re-entrance are still unclear, though a highly stressful promotional campaign for Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is said to have contributed to the problem.