Caesar, Giant Killer, 30 Minutes Set Dates

Production Weekly has done a couple of updates today on three projects lining up to begin shooting in July.

First up, Fox’s “Planet Of The Apes” prequel/reboot “Caesar” has opened production offices at Mammoth Studios in the Canadian city of Burnaby, British Columbia. Shooting on that kicks off mid-July.

Next, Bryan Singer’s “Jack The Giant Killer” has opened production offices in Robertson Plaza in Los Angeles. It will also do some filming in London & Iceland beginning in July.

Finally, shooting kicks off in Grand Rapids, Michigan in July on the comedy “30 Minutes Or Less” which Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland”) will direct. There had been some question as to what film Fleischer would choose next, now it seems the speculation is over. Danny McBride remains in talks to play the lead role.