Cabin in the Woods Goes DTV In Oz

Village Roadshow have announced that they will NOT be releasing Joss Whedon’s “Cabin in the Woods” theatrically in Australia. The news came via a press release issued this afternoon highlighting the changes to the local distributor’s upcoming release schedule.

Said e-mail specifically said both “Cabin in the Woods” and “Chernobyl Diaries” were originally slated for the release schedule but are “now straight to DVD”.

No-one really made any fuss about ‘Chernobyl’, indeed soon after the release was issued the official Twitter account for the company tweeted that “regarding Chernobyl Diaries, not straight-to-DVD, it just hasn’t been given a theatrical release date yet.”

The news of ‘Cabin’ not hitting screens however provoked a flurry of social media reaction, enough that the film briefly trended on Twitter in Australia a few hours ago. After a few more tweets asking people to be patient, the company posted on their Tumblr page the following message:

“we’re very sorry to confirm that Cabin In The Woods will not be getting an Australian cinema release.

Many of you have been asking for reconsideration, but unfortunately CITW won’t be released in Australian cinemas, and will be released straight to DVD instead.

We know that this confirmation is disappointing news, but hopefully this means you’ll be able to see it on DVD sooner than originally scheduled.”

No release date was mentioned for either a VOD or disc release for the film.