Butler: “Angel Has Fallen” Is Our “Logan”

Following “Olympus Has Fallen” and “London Has Fallen,” a third film in the R-rated Gerard Butler-led franchise is in the works titled “Angel Has Fallen”. Seemingly aware that it’s hard to go much bigger than tearing up a city, Butler says the next entry in the series will scale things back.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, the actor discussed reprising his role of Secret Service agent Mike Banning and says the more confined environment, this time with Banning trapped onboard Air Force One with terrorists, allows for a more character focused entry:

“You know, it’s fun to watch a city falling or the White House falling, and it’s fun to watch it again, and you go ‘what?’ The joke would be, ‘What’s next? Tokyo?’ OK. So let’s take it in another direction and go inner world, and it just feels a little more surprising. It was almost like Logan was to Wolverine, is our Angel Has Fallen was to the first two.”

Banning was effectively superhuman in the sequel, which probably won’t be the case in the new outing. Aaron Eckhart is not returning for the new chapter, though Morgan Freeman’s vice president will be back. “Angel Has Fallen” doesn’t currently have a release date.

Cinema Blend