Burt Reynolds Goes Brit For Amateurs

Burt Reynolds has joined the British comedy “A Bunch of Amateurs” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Reynolds will star as Jefferson Steel, a washed up Hollywood action hero who, out of work, vain and insecure, is desperate to revive his flagging career.

His incompetent L.A.-based agent is forced to go through his trash in a final attempt to find work and stumbles upon the perfect role: a prestige run in a British theater playing King Lear at Stratford.

Believing he has landed the role of a lifetime, Steel arrives in the U.K. only to discover the reality. Instead of a leading role in a Royal Shakespeare Company production at Stratford-upon-Avon, Jefferson has in fact committed to star as King Lear for an amateur dramatics group based in Stratford St John in Suffolk.

Imelda Staunton (“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”), Derek Jacobi (“Gladiator”) and Samantha Bond (“Die Another Day”) also star. Andy Cadiff helms with shooting for six weeks taking place on location on the Isle of Man and in and around the British capital.