Burr Steers Crowns An “Emperor”

Burr Steers (“Igby Goes Down,” “17 Again”) is set to direct “Emperor: Young Caesar”, the first in a proposed historical drama film trilogy based on the life of Julius Caesar for Exclusive Media Group reports the trades.

Based on Conn Iggulden’s four-part best-selling “Emperor” book series, the first film will revolve around the rise of a young Julius and his childhood friend Brutus who grew to adulthood in Rome two millennia ago as the Republic began to fall apart and political war was being played out in the senate.

Later books in the series deal with Caesar’s battles in North Africa, Greece, Spain, Gaul and Britain, the civil war with his old ally Pompey, his encounters with Cleopatra and his assassination.

William Broyles and Stephen Harrigan penned the adaptation while Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are producing.