Burnham Pens “Sesame Street” Film Songs

Burnham Pens Sesame Street Film Songs

Following massive acclaim for his writing/directing debut on “Eighth Grade,” stand-up comedian turned filmmaker Bo Burnham has taken an unexpected new job – he’s going to pen songs for the upcoming live-action “Sesame Street” movie.

Burnham has reportedly signed on to pen new, original music for the live-action film that will soon to go into production with director Jonathan Krisel and star Anne Hathaway.

The story follows Big Bird and his friends as they get kicked out of their famous neighborhood. They have to team up with a history show host to prove that Sesame Street exists, all while the evil Mayor attempts to hide the neighborhood from the world.

Burnham previously did several Comedy Central specials which included various parody songs that he wrote and performed on stage. Burnham also wrote and produced a new teen comedy film on the way, and an acting gig opposite Carey Mulligan in “Promising Young Woman”.

“Sesame Street” opens January 15th 2021.

Source: Deadline