Burke & Lippman’s Books Become Mini-Series

GigaPix Studios has secured the rights to a group of mystery and crime novels from best selling authors James Lee Burke and Laura Lippman with plans to turn them into branded limited series for television reports Crime Spree Cinema.

Lippman’s titles include “Charm City,” “No Good Deeds,” “In Big Trouble,” “Butcher’s Hill,” “By A Spider’s Thread,” “Another Thing to Fall,” “The Sugar House,” “Strange City,” and “Baltimore Blues.” Burke’s “Cimarron Rose,” “Heartwood,” “In the Red Moon of Ponies,” and “Butterroot” are part of the package. The deals cover Lippman’s Tess Monaghan and Burke’s Billy Bob Holland series.

Each limited series will be at least six hours based on a single title, “a format allowing for a rich and unabridged adaptation,” said GigaPix CEO David Pritchard. The series will be output through the company’s MovieBooks distribution – allowing easy delivery through digital formats (Tivo, iTunes, Amazon), cable video on demand services and regular broadcast networks, basic cable and premium cable networks.

Mike Pavone (“Prison Break,” “Side Order of Life”) will produce and negotiations are ongoing with a number of television and cable outlets.