Bungie Plans Summit About “Destiny 2” Future

Bungie, the developer of the original “Halo” trilogy and the “Destiny” games, is inviting members of the gaming community to its Washington studio this week for a summit. The topic? The future of “Destiny 2”.

The developer has been struggling with widespread player dissatisfaction with the game sequel which has been plagued by several controversies since its launch last September.

Amongst them were claims Bungie was deliberately hindering player progression by lowering the amount of experience they earned based on how quickly they earned it. There were also critics of timed events, the game’s graphics system, its speed.

The biggest attacks though were against the in-game Eververse storefront which sought real-life money for loot boxes and led to claims Bungie was hiding content behind a paywall. This preceded the “Star Wars: Battlefront II” controversy which brought the debate about loot boxes and microtransactions in gaming to the forefront.

Bungie didn’t help themselves by sometimes taking months to address players issues. The plan with the summit is for the company to be more collaborative and open and “a little less worried about keeping secrets”. Guests will get to test upcoming content, likely including the next expansion pack ‘Warmind’ on May 8th.

Source: Variety