Bunga Bunga Empire? Berlusconi Show Coming

Famed Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whose sex parties popularised the term ‘bunga bunga’ in the pop culture zeitgeist, is getting his own documentary and potential TV series.

Leone Film Group has done a deal with American journalist Alan Friedman for the rights to a high-profile documentary about Berlusconi in the works right now, a doco which uses around 28 hours of video interviews with the man himself along with hundreds of hours of other interviews and conversations held over an 18-month period.

That’s not just it though, the deal also includes an option to produce a fictionalised TV series based on Friedman’s book about Berlusconi’s rise from media mogul to Italian Prime Minister.

Friedman’s authorised biography “Berlusconi: The Epic Story” hits shelves next month. The director of the doco, currently titled “My Way: Berlusconi in his Own Words,” has not yet been disclosed.

Friedman has said in a mandate that he would not let Berlusconi “off the hook or do him any favors” when he took on the gig.

Source: Variety