Bullock In But Downey Out Of “Gravity”?

Talk about bad luck. After many issues, Warner Bros. Pictures finally locked in Sandra Bullock for the lead female role in the Alfonso Cuaron-directed space action thriller “Gravity” earlier this month.

Now, Deadline reports that previously set male lead, Robert Downey Jr., may now have to drop out of the project due to scheduling issues.

Bullock and Downey play astronauts from an orbital space station who’re out in a shuttle conducting repairs when an exploded asteroid wipes out the station.

She becomes hellbent on finding her way back to Earth and her daughter in a film that will spend most of its time with her alone braving the ordeal, much like “Cast Away” devoted much of its runtime to Tom Hanks alone on screen.

If Downey were to drop out, it would be a blow but not necessarily a dangerous one as the role is very much a supporting character and requires an actor to do only three weeks worth of shooting.

The studio has denied claims Downey will leave the project, saying they hope to work out any scheduling problems, while Bullock herself is amongst the many pushing to keep him onboard.