Bullock Holding Up “The Heat” Sequel

Between “Spy” and “Bridesmaids,” filmmaker Paul Feig and actress Melissa McCarthy teamed up on another film that had little pre-release buzz but ultimately scored good notices and made very good money – “The Heat”. In fact it made a very impressive $230 million worldwide from a $43 million budget, not shabby at all for an original property.

The 2013 female buddy cop action-comedy starred McCarthy and Sandra Bullock as a mismatched pairing of a foul-mouthed Boston cop and a condescending FBI investigator who try to take down a mobster. Since its success, there’s been talk of a sequel with Feig previously saying he’d like to do one.

Nothing much has changed it would seem, with writer/producer Katie Dippold revealing to Cinema Blend that there’s just one person holding it up – Bullock. The actress simply doesn’t want to do it:

“Heat 2 is not going to happen, unfortunately, unless we can get Sandra Bullock to change her mind. And I’m still hoping she will. She’s a lovely woman, a phenomenal actress and comedic performer, and I’m hoping she hears these words [laughter] because I really want to do it!.”

Dippold is keeping busy. She and Feig have the new “Ghostbusters” film opening on Friday and she’s working on the Jonathan Levine-directed untitled new comedy starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn as Schumer’s mother with the story based on Dippold’s true life relationship with her own mother.