Bullock Headlines Female “Ocean’s 11”

Sandra Bullock will reportedly lead an all-female “Ocean’s Eleven” film which original “The Hunger Games” helmer Gary Ross is slated to direct says The Playlist.

Bullock will take on the position her former “Gravity” co-star George Clooney played in the 2001 incarnation (itself a remake of the 1960 Rat Pack movie). Clooney doesn’t have much of an issue with the idea it would seem as he’s slated to produce the film according to the report.

“Ocean’s 11” star Clooney, director Steven Soderbergh, and producer Jerry Weintraub got the ball rolling on this film last year, but things hit a snag when Weintraub passed away. Now though, it’s back on track with Olivia Milch (“Queen & Country,” “Little Women”) writing the screenplay.

What form this will take – a remake, prequel, spin-off, reimagining – is unclear but the report indicates Clooney could cameo as Danny Ocean which would indicate it’s likely in the same continuity as the previous three films. It also says this would be Ross’ next project once “Free State of Jones” hits cinemas May 2016.

Neither Warners or any of the talent’s offical reps have confirmed or announced the project as yet. Bullock currently stars in “Our Brand Is Crisis” which opens today, the actress taking on a role originally written with Clooney in mind.

Update: EW claims to have confirmed the report.