Buffy Film Reboot Put Out Of Our Misery?

News of two ‘TV shows to film reboots’ this year got many a blood boiling amongst geeks – “Doctor Who” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. With the ‘Who’ film stuck in very early development limbo and unlikely to happen for many years, it now looks like the Buffster may be joining it.

In fact a source tells Hero Complex that a script submitted this past summer by writer Whit Anderson fell far short of expectations and, in the end, was rejected completely.

Anderson reportedly “came in with some great ideas and she had reinvented some of the lore and it was pretty cool but in the end there just wasn’t enough on the page… If you’re going to bring it back, you have to do it right.”

The news will be a relief to many fans who were openly hostile that such a film was happening, especially without creator Joss Whedon’s involvement. Whedon himself called such a project existing a “sad, sad reflection on our times when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths.”

While a new writer could be hired, the script’s rejection combined with the poor fan reception makes it look like the idea will be locked away in a vault somewhere for many years to come.