Budget Cuts Halt “Akira” Production

Warner Bros. Pictures is shutting down its “Akira” remake again due to casting and budgetary issues says Heat Vision

Production offices in Vancouver are being closed with crew members apparently told to stop working and go home.

Producers Jennifer Kiloran Davisson and Andrew Lazar will work with director Jaume Collet-Serra for the next two weeks to iron out the script. Should that not work out, the whole project could be scrapped altogether.

This live-action remake of the classic 80’s anime struggled in development hell for years with numerous incarnations and budgetary cutbacks along the way.

This would technically mark its fourth so called ‘death’, each time though it has come back. In order to do that this time though, its already lean $90 million budget will have to be cut down significantly further – somewhere more around the $60-70 million mark.

In fact its becoming a common thing for various Warner-related projects in the works with word this time last month the studio shut down its “Arthur and Lancelot” while regular cohort Legendary Pictures put a hold on “Paradise Lost” – in both cases it was due to budgetary issues.