Buck Rogers Returns To The Big Screen

Angryfilms is reportedly set to adapt Philip Francis Nowlan’s 1928 science fiction story “Armageddon 2419 A.D.” which originally appeared in Amazing Stories magazine.

What’s so special about this story ? The main character of Anthony Rogers went on to score a more familiar name – ‘Buck Rogers’. In the story, Rogers is held in suspended animation where he survives for just short of five centuries.

He awakens on an Earth that is caught in a futuristic Civil War, with the remnants of the United States battling both futuristic Soviets and Mongolians. Newspaper syndicator John F. Dille expanded upon the character with a daily syndicated comic strip which brought him to mass audiences – ultimately spawning film and radio serials and an early 1980s TV series.

Interestingly enough, one of the screenwriters of the new project is Flint Dille, John F. Dille’s grandson. The new film, which Ed Neumeier (“Robocop,” “Starship Troopers”) is also co-writing and hopes to be a potential franchise launcher, will adjust the story to be informed by scientific/technological advances in the last near century since the original work was published.

Rogers himself will be portrayed as more of a dark and brooding hero struggling to fit into this world. Don Murphy and Susan Montford will produce.

Source: Deadline