Bryan Singer Talks “X-Men” Details

AICN recently spoke with Bryan Singer, director of the first two “X-Men” films, about his upcoming role as producer on “X-Men: First Class”. In the process, Singer revealed a whole bunch of POTENTIAL SPOILER information about ‘Class’ and its storyline. Here’s the breakdown:

– The film will be set in the 1960’s and will heavily use that time period’s trappings from JFK as President, to the Martin Luther King and Malcolm X parallel with Xavier and Magneto’s approaches.

– The mutants costumes will emulate those in the comics much more than the other films, the 60’s setting likely allowing the filmmakers to get away with the more garish colours and fashion styles.

– Because this is set in the 60’s, the younger characters from the previous films will NOT appear – this includes Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, etc.

– Scott Summers (Cyclops) may not be there, but his brother Alex Summers aka. Havoc (Lucas Till) will be.

– The central story will be the fall of the friendship between Xavier and Magneto. Xavier won’t be in a wheelchair at first but we will see how he ends up there.

– Kevin Bacon’s villain will be Sebastian Shaw and we will see the Hellfire Club in full swing.

– The film will have an international feel with several locations represented including the Soviet Union. Singer makes several comparisons to the Sean Connery-era Bond films in terms of the film’s technology and globe-hopping feel.