Bryan Fuller Slams “Bohemian” Hetwashing

The first trailer for 20th Century Fox’s biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” about iconic UK band Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury, was released yesterday and the response has been mostly positive.

But not all have been pleased with it, even though it’s just a teaser trailer. “Hannibal” and “American Gods” creator Bryan Fuller took to Twitter to voice his displeasure, mainly for the trailers noted lack of any hint of homosexuality or Mercury’s dealing with AIDS.

Fuller says: “Anyone else mildly annoyed that the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ trailer features gay/bi superstar Freddie Mercury flirting with and twirling with a woman but no indication of his love of men?”. The trailer does linger on several shots between Mercury and his lifelong female friend Mary but only features one split second shot which barely hints at it.

Fuller does go on to make a good point of how the trailer (and studio movies in general) blatantly prioritizes one sexuality (heterosexuality) over the other (homosexuality) for characters dubbed ‘bisexual’ and then goes on to slam the film’s official synopsis which makes no mention of Mercury’s condition beyond having a “life-threatening illness”.

Fuller says: “Dear 20th Century Fox: Yes, it was a life-threatening illness, but more specifically it was AIDS. From having gay sex with men. Do better.” For the most part, Fuller has come under fire for prematurely reacting to a very limited piece of marketing as opposed to the final film itself.

Nevertheless, his comments and the trailer have raised the conversation again about the film’s content and just how much the movie will whitewash and soften the truth. Sacha Baron Cohen, who was originally to star as Mercury, famously left the project over it being both micromanaged and toning down the darker and more honest aspects of the story.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” opens in cinemas on November 2nd.

Source: Indiewire