Bruckheimer Scales Down “Pirates 4”

Those “Pirates of the Caribbean” are taking a pay cut it would seem for their next outing reports The Los Angeles Times.

Disney has apparently imposed a more constrained budget which “Bruckheimer is scrambling to meet” before filming begins on June 14th.

The first film cost $140 million, the subsequent sequels escalated to a whopping $225 million and $300 million respectively. The new fourth entry will be cut back but still hover at around the $200 million mark.

To achieve this the film’s shoot is expect to run around three months instead of the nearly five months it took to film the last one, while visual effects shots will be cut from around 2,000 to 1,300. There’ll also be more land-based filming.

Bruckheimer says this approach has caused him to “make painful decisions that cut into some very entertaining sequences.”