Bruckheimer On “Ranger” Budget Cuts

With Disney moving forward on its tentpole western “The Lone Ranger” after $45 million in budget cuts, the question has become where did said cuts come from and how have they impacted the film’s production.

Now, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has done an interview with THR explaining how the savings came about. As we know the studio halted production in August as the budget went past $260 million and demanded it be brought down to $215 million.

To get to that number the film’s production plans were re-jigged. The big crowd scenes with lots of extras were adjusted to be done all together, same with the smaller scenes with Tonto and the Lone Ranger. They ditched plans to shoot in California and are now trying to get tax breaks to shoot in New Mexico and/or Louisiana.

There were payment deferments by Bruckheimer, director Gore Verbinski, star Johnny Depp and various high-level vendors and creative people. If the budget goes over, they will all share the burden on overages including the studio.

In terms of the script they cut a sequence involving a supernatural coyote attack, and a small animated segment. The train sequences which were rumoured to have been pulled are apparently intact but have been trimmed.

Finally, Bruckheimer says they’re in the outline phase now on a fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean”. He has a script, but “we decided we could do better”.