Bruckheimer Offers Pirates 5, Bad Boys 3 Updates

Scott Derrickson’s exorcism cop drama “Deliver Us From Evil” hits cinemas this week and producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently did the press rounds to discuss the project. At the same time he offered updates on several big-budget sequels he’s involved with.

Collider asked Bruckheimer if there’ll be any demonic monsters in the upcoming fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film to which he said: “No, no. I think we’re back to more of a straight pirates movie this time.” Asked again if there’ll be any massive Kraken-style creatures he says “Not in the script I read recently.”

Is a third “Bad Boys” film still happening? He says it is and it will entirely take place in Miami. As for its current status: “We’re working on an outline right now. Hopefully we’ll get a screenplay in the next three months. And that will become a movie I hope… we always focus on the place where the action’s going to take place, which is Miami. We research it and figure out what’s actually going on down in Miami with criminals and what they’re doing. We bring in experts. And that’s how the screenplays evolve.”

Finally, are they working on “National Treasure 3” as has been rumored? “Yeah, we’re working on another National Treasure. We just had a meeting on Friday with the writers and the director, so hopefully that will come together. New writers, same director; John Turteltaub.” Bruckheimer wouldn’t say though what treasure Cage’s character would be pursuing this time.