Bruce Wayne’s Parents Slain… Now in IMAX

The death of Thomas and Martha Wayne at the hands of a gunman in an alley and in front of their young son Bruce Wayne is so iconic that many who’ve never picked up a “Batman” comic are well aware of it. On screen it has been portrayed numerous times from 1989’s “Batman” and 2005’s “Batman Begins” to the various animated series and movies, video games, and this year’s “Gotham”.

Now, reports and video from the Chicago set of Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” indicate that a version of the famed scene has been shot for the movie. Not only that, it has been done in IMAX as well.

An IMAX spokeswoman has confirmed to Variety that at least some of the film will be shot with IMAX cameras, the first time Snyder has worked in the format.

A glimpse of the filming of the scene is available below. Those on set confirmed IMAX cameras were in use for the scene which will involve the Wayne’s coming out of a screening of “The Mark of Zorro” when the incident happens. A photo of the redressed cinema is also up on Instagram.

Set photos from earlier in the shoot indicate that both the graves of the Wayne family and Jonathan Kent will be visited during the film, though whether those scenes will make the final cut and how they fit into the narrative is unknown at this point.