Bruce Goes Dark & Jerome Returns To “Gotham”

Young Bruce Wayne has gone down a dark path and is now indulging in a drunken playboy persona in the new trailer for the mid-season finale of the fourth season of “Gotham”.

The trailer also hints at the return of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) and recently co-executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt teased Jerome’s arc for this season, telling it’s going in a direction people won’t expect:

“This is really something that just we as a room cooked up and it’s a really unique and an original kind of take on a storyline for him…. We feel like, where The Killing Joke was so obviously and intentionally a touchstone in the last run, there is nothing of that kind of ilk for this.

Now, there’s always things that will make you go, ‘Oh it’s a little bit like this or it’s a little bit I see the inspiration there. I see the inspiration here.’ But this is a very original kind of take on this story and we’re really excited about it because his reintroduction into the Gotham world is going to have him crossing with characters we’ve not yet seen him with. Which is really kind of a theme we’ve been playing with this whole season and something we challenged ourselves over designing this season.”

We do know he’ll be teaming up with fellow villain The Penguin this season and his actions will reportedly have an impact that last not just over the rest of the season but into next season as well should the series be renewed. The mid-season finale of “Gotham” airs next Thursday.